I’ll be giving the opening keynote at the ‘Locative media and sound art’ symposium that is happening as part of Sounding City, a leading project for international sound art in Kortrijk, 10th May 2014.


Invited Keynote at the “Audio Mobility” Symposium, organised by Locus Sonus, a research group at École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix en Provence and École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges. Aix en Provence, France, April 16-18 2014.

Invited contribution to the ‘academy’ of “City, Religion, Capitalism. Turning Points for Civilization”, a joint project of Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the Alfred Herrhausen Society, in cooperation with the LSE Cities project, Theatrum Mundi and dctp – Development Company for Television Program. With filmmaker Alexander Kluge, Richard Sennett, Saskia Sassen and others. 3-6 April 2014


Invited talk at RE.WORK Cities Summit – Combining entrepreneurship, technology & science to re-work the future. London, 13 December 2013.

Invited to present at the EPINET project’s  ‘Making sense of wearables: new-emerging markets and mediascapes‘ workshop in Brussels, 5th November 2013.

This workshop will bring together designers and developers, sociologists, artists, legal scholars, organisation/market and digital media culture researchers. The aim is to explore together the new-emerging mediascapes and markets in wearable sensors, to identify key incentives, uptake and use, and what the policy-implications might be for the future of care.

Accepted paper ‘Making Cycling Sound(s)’ at the European Sound Studies Conference (ESSA), Berlin, 4-6 October 2013.

Accepted paper on ‘Smart e-bikes as Digital Networks Scenario of Future Mobilities‘ at the conference ‘Mobility Futures’ at the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), Lancaster University, 4-6 September 2013.

Invited paper at a  Music, Digitization, Mediation: Towards Interdisciplinary Music Studies (MusDig) conference, University of Oxford, 11-13 July  2013.

Accepted to present a paper on ‘Smart e-bikes: A New Richness of Data” with Sally Cairns and David Raffo at the World Cycling Research Forum (WOCREF) 2013 in Bristol, 5-6 September 2013.

Accepted to present a paper on ‘Electrically-assisted bikes – a way of mainstreaming cycling to work?’ with Sally Cairns and David Raffo at the Velo-city Conference in Vienna 2013, 11-14 June 2013.

Accepted to present a paper on ‘The Sound of Cycling – The Politics of Performing Bicycles, Bodies and Cities through Sound’ at the Velo-city Conference in Vienna 2013, 11-14 June 2013.

Invited talk at the Sonic Interaction Design Symposium where the MIT Press book on Sonic Interaction Design launches. ETH (Zurich), 2 May 2013.


I’ve been invited to speak about electric bikes at the Urban Age Electric City Conference, LSE, London, on the panel ‘Business as Usual or Disruption: New Urban Technology’, 6-7 December 2012.

Invited presentation ‘Mobile and Sonic Architectures’, at the EU Network of Excellence in Internet Science workshop “Thinking Architecturally”, University of Cambridge, 28-29 November 2012.

Presenting the smart e-bikes project at the Active Travel Forum, Brighton & Hove City Council, 7th November 2012.

‘A fleet of smart e-bikes in Brighton’, talk at the Computing Research Seminar, University of Brighton, 31 October 2012.

‘Sharing cycle rides on smartphones and city streets: towards understanding the
intersection of mobile media and electrically-assisted cycling’, accepted paper at ECREA (European Communications Conference), Istanbul, 24-27 October 2012.

Presenting ‘Smart e-bikes: understanding how commuters and communities engage with electrically-assisted cycling‘ at the World Cycling Research Forum
Enschede, Netherlands
13-14 /09/2012

‘Auditory edges and media ecotones: Framing the mobile listening experience in GPS soundwalks’. Accepted paper at The Global Composition. Conference on Sound, Media and the Environment. Hochschule Darmstadt, Media Campus. July 24-28 2012.

‘The sound of locative media’, invited talk at Locative Audio, Manchester, 29 June 2012.

Supersonix. Celebrating the Art and Science and Sound. Conference
Paper on Panel ‘Adventures into Sound: Sonic fiction as Heuristic’
London, UK
21-23 /06/2012

‘Engaging with mobile media while cycling and media integration on e-bikes’ accepted paper at ICA Mobile Communication Preconference 2012 ‘‘Mobile Communication, Community and Locative Media Practices: From the Everyday to the Revolutionary’, Phoenix, AZ, USA
23 – 24/05/2012

‘Media Cycling: Embodied and Multi-Sensory Mobile Media Practices’ accepted paper at The Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) Conference 2012, University of Bedfordshire


‘Rhythmanalysis. Lefebvre on a GPS Sound Walk’ at Rhythm & Event Symposium
King’s College London, 29/10/2011

Beyond Mobile Listening: Engaging with Phones, Sounds and Art, 7-8 July 2011
Keynote at Doctoral Summer Course ‘Reconfiguring Radio’
LARM Audio Research Archive, The Copenhagen Doctoral School

‘Mobile Sound Art: Audiovisual Audience Experience’
Invited talk at  ‘Audio-visuality. A conference on the experience of audio-visual art, artefacts, and media texts’, track on ‘Mobile Mediated Audiovisuality’. Organised by the research project ‘Audiovisual Culture and the good sound’ and hosted by the Department of Aesthetic Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark. 26-28/05/2011

‘Sounds Like Mobility’ paper at ‘Sounds like Mobility: A Mobile Media, Sound and Music Event’
CoDE: The Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

‘Rhythmanalysis. Lefebvre on a GPS sound walk’
Invited paper, Media Research Seminar Series, University of Brighton

Research Seminar, Research Institute of Media, Art&Design, University of Bedfordshire


Mobile Internet: The role of sound for interactions with networked and urban space
ESF-COST High-Level Research Conference ‘Future Internet and Society: A Complex Systems Perspective
Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy

A Taxonomy of Mobile Sound Art
Interdisciplinary Sound/Music Research Seminar, University of Sussex


Mobile Media in the Arts
Digital Media Arts, School of Arts and Communication, University of Brighton

Mobile Creativity
Department of Informatics, University of Sussex
24/11/2009, 06/11/2007, 06/03/2007

Spaces Rubbing Together: De Certeau on a GPS Sound Walk Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo, US

A Taxonomy of Cell Phone Art
Invited Lecture at Workshop/Symposium, ART && CODE: Mobile Telephony and Interactive Arts
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
6-8 November 2009

Master’s Seminar: Critique + Pro Brainstorming Sessions, co-hosted with Paulos (Intel Research) and Davis (Yahoo Mobile). ART && CODE, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, US

Mobile Media Architectures and Sound
Invited Lecture, Lecture Series on the Relationship between Architecture and Sound
University of Cambridge
27th October 2009

Audience Perspectives in Mobile Sound Art
Invited Lecture at Panel Discussion “Sound and the Networked City”
Audio Cultures Seminar in the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media in Dublin (GradCam)
31st August 2009

Creative Interactions: the Mobile Music Workshop
Paper at Panel ‘Transformative Creativity – Participatory Practices’
ISEA 2009
29th August 2009

Media Walking as Lefebvrian Rhythmanalysis
Paper at Symposium Embodiment & Mobility
Digital+Media, Rhode Island School of Design
3rd April 2009


Exploring Network Landscapes via Sound
Invited Lecture at Network Landscape Class
Rhode Island School of Design
11th October 2008

Mobile Music and Sound
Paper at Digital+Media Lecture Series
Rhode Island School of Design
30th September 2008

Navigating Hybrid Spaces via Sound
Invited lecture
Tuned City. Architecture and Sound Conference
Berlin, 03 July 2008

Paper at MeCCSA Postgraduate Conference
1st July 2008

Walking Cities in Sound
Paper at “Writing Cities” MIT-LSE-Harvard Graduate Students Conference
Cambridge, 23-24 April 2008

Experiencing Mobile Media
Paper at “Nylon”
LSE, London (UK)
06 March 2008

Mobile Music: Experimentelle Interaktionen mit sozialen Netzen und urbanem Raum
Invited lecture
1st Austrian Mobile Music Day
Center for Contemporary Music
Department for Arts and Management, Danube University Krems (Austria)
07 February 2008


Mobile Sonic Experience: Methodological Concerns
Paper at Sound, Art, Auditory Cultures Conference
University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
28 November 2007

Mobile Creativity
Invited Lecture
Department of Informatics
University of Sussex
06 November 2007

Mobile Sonic Experience: Methodological Concerns
Paper at ECREA Workshop “Digital Culture&Communication”
Department of Media & Film Studies
University of Sussex
02 November 2007

Exploring Networked Landscapes via Sound
Invited Lecture
Networked Landscape Class
Rhode Island School of Design
17 September 2007

The Mobile Music Workshops
Presentation at Conflux Festival
Brooklyn, New York
13 September 2007

Global Communication Systems and Aesthetics
Invited Lecture
Department of Informatics
University of Sussex
06 March 2007

Mobilise your music
Invited Lecture
School of Media Arts&Imaging
Dundee, Scotland
28 February 2007


Sound Art on the Move
Paper at the conference “SoundAsArt: Blurring of the Boundaries”
Aberdeen, Scotland
25 November 2006

Re-Mobilising the Public Sphere? Mobile Technologies and Artistic Practice.
Paper at the Doctoral course “Technology and the Public Sphere”
Bergen, Norway
15 November 2006

Mobile Music Technology: Report on Emerging Community.Gaye, Layla, Holmquist, Lars Erik, Behrendt, Frauke, Tanaka, Atau. 2006 Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME-06). 05 June 2006. Paris, France.

Mobile Sound Art
Research Day
Department of Media and Film Studies
University of Sussex
02 June 2006


Mobile Sound Art
Research in Progress Seminar
Department of Media and Film StudiesUniversity of Sussex
18 October 2005

From Calling a Cloud to Finding the Missing Track: Artistic Approaches to Mobile Music
Paper at the Mobile Music Workshop at NIME, Vancouver, 25 May 2005


Handymusik. Das Handy zwitschert und der Vogel klingelt – im Alltag und in der Klangkunst
Symposium Stare über Berlin. Ästhetische Analogien des Vogelsangs
5 September 2004, Berlin, Germany.

Mobile phone music. Ring tone culture and the mobile phone in Sonic Art
Conference ISEA2004, Panel Wireless Experience
21. August 2004, Helsinki, Finland.

Mobile phone music
Conference Ciber@rt. International Festival of New Technologies, Art and Communication
27 April 2004, Bilbao, Spain.

Handymusik. Klangkunst und ‘mobile devices’
Symposium Ohne Schnur. Kommunikationskunst im Spannungsfeld von Kunst, Technologie und Gesellschaft
03 April 2004, Cuxhaven, Germany.
Video of my presentation:

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