Apply now: PhD Studentship ‘Notating Digital Sound: Designing or Composing for Mobile Media’. Supervisors: Dr Thor Magnusson, Dr Frauke Behrendt, Prof. Jonathan Woodham (by 11th April 2013)

Applications are invited for a PhD Studentship ‘Notating Digital Sound: Designing or Composing for Mobile Media’ (valued at £58,500) at the University of Brighton, supervised by Dr Thor Magnusson, Dr Frauke Behrendt and Prof. Jonathan Woodham.
The application deadline is 4pm, 11th April 2013.
The context of music production and dissemination has drastically changed with digital media and mobile computing devices. Interactivity and screens have become an essential part of how sound is represented and controlled, and creative algorithms are used to analyse or generate sonic patterns.
We seek proposals for a PhD project that will engage with interface and interaction design in digital sonic interfaces. The ideal research proposal would intersect areas of digital sound, human-computer interaction, graphic design, data representation, and software/media studies. Of particular interest are research topics integral to mobile media devices, such as networks, automation, location, collaboration, and data sharing. The area of investigation might include analysis and representation of complex data sets, whether that involves sonification of data or navigation of sonic/musical structures.
Proposals with philosophical, theoretical and/or historical perspectives are welcomed, although the core of the work will be a practice-led form of enquiry. The research is expected to relate strongly to the formative yet exciting changes digitization, networks, and locative media have brought for sound and music, and it will demonstrate the potential to have impact on the field.
The Faculty of Arts is able to provide strong support for the above areas, but the research will be based within the Faculty of Arts’ academic programme of Photography, Moving Image and Sound. This opportunity is therefore ideal for projects that engage with visual interfaces, animation, geography, space, and location in the context of sonic or musical representation, performance and production.
The proposal should describe clearly what research question or problem will be addressed and the research context of the work. It should further describe what contribution to knowledge the project will bring, and outline the research methodologies used to address the research topic.
For more information about this project, or to be put in contact with a supervisor, please contact the doctoral college.
+44 (0)1273 642915

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